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Adrian Fontes

Sec. State, Arizona (2023-present)

Democrat Party


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5 Points of Opportunity Details:

PERSONAL Opportunity Criteria:

Representing “…Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” and our Constitutional freedoms, every other point depends on these truths. Without liberty, we have no freedom, no security, and no prosperity. We oppose the broad expansion of government, its increasing use of unconstitutional power and control, and political censorship, and will hold our elected officials accountable. We value life and oppose late-term and post-birth abortions. This point sits prominently atop the five-point Opportunity Star.

CriteriaYes / No / Mixed
1.A.1. Fully supports our 1st Ammendment Rights?
1.A.2. Protects our Personal Privacy Rights?
1.B.1. Support Our 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms?
1.B.2. Favors common sense gun laws including gun show background checks and preventing the mentally ill from buying guns?
1.C. Support States' rights and restricting the expansion of unconstitutional federal power as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment?
1.D. Support the integrity the Judicial Branch, including an Amendment keeping 9 Justices on the Supreme Court and oppose Federal Court packing?
1.E. Supports right to early term abortion (up to first trimester) AND opposes later term abortions (2nd & 3rd trimester) except in rare and limited cases, such as risk to the life of the mother.?
Strong Pro-Choice: . Fully support a woman's right to abortion throughout the full pregnancy term up to birth.?
Strong Pro-Life: . Opposed to abortion from conception, in either all OR most cases with limited and rare exceptions.?

ECONOMIC Opportunity Criteria:

Representing free market economics, domestic job growth, lower taxes, fair trade, common-sense regulations, efficient infrastructure investment, and a pro-small business government agenda. We oppose the unchecked power of technology monopolies and corporate oligarchs, increasing the national debt, and fraud, waste and corruption in government. We also oppose socialist economic planning and expanded government ownership and control of industry and the economy.

CriteriaYes / No / Mixed
2.A. Support of free market economics/capitalism; Oppose socialism?
2.B. Support of American workers and jobs, fair trade laws?
2.C.1. Support lower taxes?
2.C.2. Support reducing national debt?
2.D.1. Oppose unchecked corporate monopolies?
2.D.2. Oppose the politcal influence of technology & buisness oligarchs?
2.E. Oppose fraud, wasteful spending and corruption in government?

SOCIAL Opportunity Criteria:

Representing equal civil rights for people of all backgrounds, races, ages, religions, orientations, lifestyles, classes and political beliefs. We oppose all forms of bigotry and divisive identity and racial politics, including Critical Race Theory. We support the 2-parent nuclear family – same or opposite sex -, and affordable and accessible market-driven health care for all via both a government public option and private plans, prison reform, and assistance for veterans, the elderly, the disabled, disadvantaged youth & the most vulnerable in our society (American citizens).

CriteriaYes / No / Mixed
3.A. Support of equal civil rights for people of all backgrounds, races, ages, religions, orientations, lifestyles, classes and political beliefs?
3.B.1. Oppose all forms of identity, gender & racial politics?
3.B.2. Oppose divisive politics including Critical Race Theory, LatCrit, and Critical Gender Theory?
3.C. Support of the nuclear (2-parent) family, hetero or same sex?
3.D.1. Support affordable, accessible, and quality market-driven health care for all, and oppose government run "single payer" health plans that will abolish and replace private health insurance plans?
3.D.2. Support allowing citizens to choose from a public government-run health system or keep their private insurance health plan?
3.E.1. Support prison reform?
3.E.2. Support assistance for veterans, the elderly, the disabled, disadvantaged youth and those most in need?

EDUCATIONAL Opportunity Criteria:

Representing the best education for our children through school choice, school vouchers, and more parental involvement in the classroom, teaching factual American history, US politics and civics in schools – and not political indoctrination -, free speech on campus, supporting vocational schools, charter schools, STEM studies, and economically viable career paths, and addressing the high cost of tuition through college and government reforms.

CriteriaYes / No / Mixed
4.A. Support school choice, school vouchers, more parental involvement in schools?
4.B.1. Support teaching factual American and world history, US politics & civics in our schools?
4.B.2. Oppose political indoctrination in our schools (note: teaching patriotism is not considered political indoctrination) ?
4.C. Support free speech and freedom of expression on campus?
4.D. Support vocational schools, charter schools, STEM skillsets, economically viable career paths?
4.E.1. Support addressing the high cost of tuition through college and government reforms?
4.E.2. Oppose canceling student loan debt to be paid by taxpayers?

NATIONAL Opportunity Criteria:

Representing securing our nation’s safety through U.S. military strength and readiness, supporting our servicemen and women, ending endless wars, supporting our police, fire and first responders and remaining a country of laws and enforcement, supporting border security, lawful immigration, stemming border crime and drugs, demanding transparent, free and fair elections and voter ID laws, and supporting sensible and science-based environmental and renewable energy solutions while regaining American energy independence.

CriteriaYes / No / Mixed
5.A.1. Support US Military strength, readiness, our servicemen & women?
5.A.2. Support ending enless wars?
5.B.1. Support our police, fire, first responders, safe communities?
5.B.2. Support remaining a country of laws and enforcements?
5.C. Support border security, lawful immigration, stemming border crime and drugs?
5.D. Support, adhere to, and publicly promote transparent, free, and fair elections and voter ID laws?
5.E.1. Support sensible, free market and science-based environmental and renewable energy solutions?
5.E.2. Support maintaining a mix of fossil fuels and achieving American energy independence?

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